-what economics can make 2010s the most productive decade?

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5.1 Special resource started in 1962 : The Economist End-PovertyArchives Celebrating 2015 UN Womens Empowerment Week April 2015 -featuring half a century's leadership of Asian Pacific www centure mapping

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who do you vote for as world's most collaborative education entrepreneurs? how can we bring down degrees of separation between them and 201os most joyful and energetic social action networks?

what's systemicly spinning wrong way with media and economics that million times more collab tech isnt leading to youth's most productive decade - continue the debate of opportunities and risks started in Westminster 1972 by The Economist's founder of Entrepreprenurial Revolution

 System Risks and Opportunities of Net Generation with Million times more Collaboration Tech



?top 10 errors compounded by 20th C economists 

40 years of Norman Macrae (Unacknowledged Giant's) surveys at The Economist include : (1962-1975) will the joy of Japanese Economics beget Asian Pacific Century; 1972 to 1982) can entrepreneurial revolutionares resolvemacroeconomics errors before global finacial collapse in 2010s? 1984 why the net generation's age of million times more collaboration technolgy can only result in one of 2 opposite endgames - sustainability of 8 billion humans or Orwell's ending.


Economist Boardroom launches first in world series of parties celebrating
Entrepreneurial Revolution - next Japan Embassy April 2012

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